Artist residency Art´n Fiber®

Artist residency Art´n Fiber®

Art´n Fiber® artist residency (short term) focuses on international exchange and cooperation.

It is addressed to professional textile/ fiber artists and those with equally active artistic commitment. The current goal group is European artists living outside the borders of Sweden.The residency was established in close cooperation with and support from the Region Uppsala and Uppsala Municipality/City. It is initiated and run by textile/fiber artist and educator Katriina Flensburg / Quilt Academy of Sweden

We are delighted to announce the recipient of the Art´n Fiber® residency fellowship of 2023,

fiber artist Dorothy Wedderburn, the Netherlands!

The decision process was made challenging by well qualified applicants from eight European countries, some with multiple representation. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the candidates for their interest and time requiring engagement. We hope to see you all again in our future connections!

Dorothy Wedderburn, the recipient of the 

Art´n Fiber® residency fellowship 2023

The motivation of the 2023 selection committee

" Dorothy Wedderburn is a widely exhibited member of the European fiber art community. The outcome of her work indicates a solid and broad artistic and technical skill in design and composition as well as methods such as fabric printing, dyeing, stitching, layering and embroidery. Her current source of inspiration is the tactile qualities of cloth and the history embedded in worn cloth. During the residency, Wedderburn will focus on the clues and traces transmitted to her through the cloth with the purpose of creating a sort of layered collages by applying methods of overprinting with silkscreen and hand and/or machine stitching. An appreciated additional value to this residency is the plan to involve members of the local fiber art community for a mutual exchange in a workshop.
We are looking forward to learning more about Wedderburn’s artistic practice and the presentation of her work to audiences in Uppsala."


Members of the committee 

Eira Langaas, Art Developer, Region Uppsala
Katriina Flensburg,Textile artist, initiator/runner of the residency
Anna Holmbom, Process manager in public art, Uppsala Municipality  
Ingela Wahlberg, Art assistant, Uppsala Art Museum, Ph.D.Textile studies.

Dorothy Wedderburn

Photo ©  Sue Westergaard

Fabia Delise, the recipient of the

Art´n Fiber® residency fellowship 2022

The motivation of the 2022 selection committee

"Fabia Delise is a technically proficient textile artist with an independent approach to a specific classic patchwork technique called “English Paper Piecing”. She is not bound to the traditional technique but anchored in it which makes her artwork contemporary, exploratory, innovative, and aesthetically appealing. In her application for the residency Art ‘n Fiber® she also describes curiosity and interest in the residency as well as its surroundings of Storvreta and Uppsala. The examples given by her about the purpose of her stay awoke our interest and curiosity."


Members of the committee


Anna Holmbom, Art Developer at Region Uppsala
Katriina Flensburg, Textile artist, initiator/runner of the residency
Anna Ehn, Head of public art at Uppsala Municipality
Ingela Wahlberg, Ph.D. student,teacher at the Department of Art History/ Textile Studies, Uppsala University.

Fabia Delise

A peek into the residency of 2022  


Photos © Rebecca Villi - Fabia Delise - Katriina Flensburg