Art´n Fiber® Artist Recidensy

Art´n Fiber® artist residency


Art´n Fiber®  artist residency (short term) focuses on international exchange and cooperation. It is adressed to professional textile-/ fiber artists and those with equally active artistic commitment. The main goal group is artists living outside  the boarders of Sweden.The residency is established in close cooperation with and support from the Region Uppsala and Uppsala Municipality/City. It is a member of the Swedish Artist Residency Network /SWAN.

The very first Open Call for the Art´n Fiber® fellowship was published in March 2022 focusing exclusive on the artists living in Europe. The call resulted to a highly qualified response covering artists from ten European countries causing the selection committee an extremely demanding task.

The selected artist 2022 is Fabia Delise, Italy.

The motivation of the selection committee

Fabia Delise is a technically proficient textile artist with an independent approach to a specific classic patchwork technique called “English Paper Piecing”. She is not bound to the traditional technique but anchored in it which makes her artwork contemporary, exploratory, innovative, and aesthetically appealing. In her application for the residency Art ‘n Fiber® she also describes a curiosity and interest in the residency as well as its surroundings of Storvreta and Uppsala. The examples given by her about the purpose of her stay awoke our interest and curiosity.


Members of the committee

Anna Holmbom, Art Developer at Region Uppsala
Katriina Flensburg, textile artist, initiator/runner of the residency
Anna Ehn, head of public art at Uppsala Municipality
Ingela Wahlberg, PhD student and teacher at Department of Art History, Textile Studies at Uppsala University.


Photo © Rebecca Villi

"Dolina" by Fabia Delise   


Artist statement 

" I grew up in a land at the crossroads of different cultures that have nourished my artistic practice, giving it those characteristic traits that distinguish it. A heritage of traditions that I find again sewing, in the slowness of gestures that have become for me a form of meditation, an escape from the rush of our time.

In my works I transform this ancient technical richness into a contemporary expressive language to snatch it from oblivion and ferry it towards the future, overcoming the rigid compositional parameters of the hexagonal element without ever losing sight of the rigor and precision of execution. Over time I have experimented with different textile materials - from hand-dyed monochromatic fabrics to fabrics printed by me to the reuse of old garments or tailoring scraps that establish a link between personal memory and work of art.

The color with its evocative power is my primary source of inspiration, color combinations that excite."